See what people have said about Helen's classes.

Chico - Block Fit

Helen Pybus is an enigma... if she wasn't born we would have to invent her.

A rare breed in this day & age. Her energy is infectious, her heart is bigger then the universe & is just a total out & out beautiful soul. But don't let the Pilates title fool you cause she can lift some seriously heavy weight too so don't mess with her ??? But jokes aside she's a prolific teacher loved by all who meet her. She's become a legend on the fitness scene because wherever she goes you're guaranteed a great class & a great time... and when you hear her big hearty laughter it means
Helen's arrived.... which mean just one thing, get your party head on & get the party started.

But to me she'll always be my soul sister from another mister who is in a circle of those who make my heart smile.

I couldn't possibly give anyone a greater compliment.

Love you Dahling ❤️?

Andy Lucas - Director Fitness Fiesta

Helen is an inspiring and charismatic presenter and is a long standing member of the Fitness Fiesta team. She is much liked by both teachers and the general public who come back to her classes time after time. She is extremely knowledgeable in her chosen field and also has the ability to adapt her classes to whatever level is required and her strong teaching skills enable her to work with groups of mixed ability. She is creative, versatile and ebullient in a way which transforms a simple class into a memorable performance.

Sue Futter - Events manager Potters Resort

Helen is an amazing instructor who is a dedicated, takes pride in her class planning, full of energy and passion.
If you've not been to Helen's class you are sure to not only leave feeling as though you've worked out but also with her contagious smile on your face.

Lydia Campbell - Director Fit Camps / Trigger Point Pilates

Helen Pybus is one of the most proactive ladies in the fitness industry in the UK, she motivates others to learn and experience new ways to get fit through her infectious bubbly humorous nature when teaching. She is a long standing presenter and has recently joined the FitCamps presenting team gaining great feed back at the Annual FitCamps Instructor convention , She always keeps up to date with the fitness trends yet chooses to train and promote in solid sound concepts . Whatever she presents in or teaches she does with conviction and passion. With the aim of educating her classes and clients in a fun motivational way. She recently trained as a Trigger Point Pilates Instructor with Lydia Campbell and now presenting at consumer fitness events spreading the word of the benefits fascia release in a TPP Class. Watch out for Helen at FitCamps events.

Michael King - Director Michael King Pilates

Helen is a talented and wonderful presenter, she has a love for Pilates which comes through in her sessions. She is delight to have at any event and her giving personality ensures it is a relaxed and enjoyable experience for those in her class.

Cherry Baker - Director Modern Pilates

I have worked and played with Helen for many years. She was a student but I am now proud to say she's my friend.
I've often said if we could bottle her energy and enthusiasm we could make a million!

Julie Washer

I have been attending Helen’s Pilates classes for 3 years now. There are no other Pilates teachers like her. I will explain why. During this time every part of my body has truly benefitted. I am more flexible, my neck and shoulders are much improved and I have a much better posture.
Helen’s knowledge and expertise is outstanding. She frequently brings new exercises to class as she regularly develops her knowledge and learns new techniques by attending a very wide range of various training courses. Therefore, I experience an extensive range of different exercises which are effective, challenging and benefit all parts of my body. She easily adapts exercises to meet individual needs of everyone in her classes and her very clear instructions guide you effectively through each exercise.
Helen makes Pilates fun and when on occasions I have felt low her classes lift you right back up and always leave you wanting more!! An absolutely fantastic Pilates teacher!! So lucky to have you Helen.


I have been doing Pilates for 9 years with Helen; I started just before I got the devastating
diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease (MND). It took 3 long years to diagnose and I have a
rare form which is slower burning and means my muscles won’t waste. MND kills the nerves
in the brain that tell the muscles what to do, it’s progressive with no cure and renders the
person trapped in a failing body but the intelligence isn’t affected.
I had heard of Pilates during this time and thought it might help me anyway. Helen has
supported me throughout the 9 years and has seen me go from a mobile person with
‘normal’ to stiff muscles, losing my speech and seeing my hands and arms get less dextrose.
She has adapted exercises so I can do them; she stretches my legs as my arms can’t hold the
band any more. She now has to pick me up after floor exercises but nothing is too much
trouble for Helen.
I think if I hadn’t done Pilates with Helen I would be a lot worse now, maybe in a wheelchair
full time. Working on the core muscles has helped my balance and keep my muscles moving,
strong and looser than they would have been.