Platinum Pilates Service

An EXCLUSIVE VIP service from me to you. You provide the venue, I travel to you.

Work full time? Too tired to exercise when you get home? Over stressed? Sound familiar?
Have a small group of like wise friends ?

My Platinum Pilates service offers you an exclusive weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) service where I come to you for small group training for half a day. You choose the Pilates classes [see below] and I provide the teaching.

Class formats;

  • Matwork beginners, intermediate, advanced
  • Toning balls
  • Weights
  • Foam Roller
  • Fitness Circle
  • Small Ball
  • Flexband
  • Flexband Loop
  • Trigger Point (with spikey balls)
  • Pilates Stretch
  • Chiball Massage
  • Pilates with Mindfulness

Pilates focuses on building your body’s core strength and improving your posture through a series of low repetition low impact stretching and conditioning exercises.

“Taking regular Pilates classes is like taking an insurance policy out on your body so you can continue doing the things you love doing for the rest of your life”

‘The reason Pilates is so good at trimming inches off your waist is because one of the key Fundamentals of Pilates, alongside Alignment and Breathing, is Centring. This involves learning how to control all your movements from your centre. In Pilates you learn how to use your deep core muscles to support your spine. These muscles wrap around your waist like a natural built in corset. It’s been called your ‘girdle of strength!’

Every exercise your do in a Pilates session teaches you how to work from your centre. No wonder we are famous for reducing waistlines!’


2 classes £250 [based on 8 people = £31.25 pp]
3 classes £300 [based on 8 people = £37.50 pp]
Plus 45p per mile.
(100 mile radius max)

For more information please email me at

**Please Note** you will need to download this form, fill it in and have it ready for the Pilates class.