Pilates will help you to fall in love with your body again

With Valentine’s fast approaching, I thought now would be a great idea to discuss how Pilates can help you to fall in LOVE with your body again.

In fact, Pilates can change your life no matter who you are and here’s how.

Say goodbye to stress!

You can feel and see the results quickly with Pilates and it provides a full body workout and you feel great afterwards. When you are less stressed you feel fantastic and full of confidence.

Toned Muscles

Yes really! Pilates builds leaner and tones muscles and because it also improves core strength and flexibility and improves posture, making you stand taller and look slimmer.

Burning those calories

Pilates burns calories, fact! and when you burn calories this helps you to lose weight and losing weight makes you feel great.

Achieve 6 pack abs

Pilates exercises can help you to achieve six pack abs in several ways;

Builds lean muscle mass
Tones abdominal muscles
improves posture

Now that I have proved that Pilates is a great way to stay in shape and love your body again, how about trying one of my classes?

All you need to do is email me info@helenpybus.com and I will book you on to one of my classes, you can even have a trial class for FREE!

Much love and have a great Valentine’s Day

Helen xxx