Pulseroll Workout DVD

Finally, I can now reveal to my lovely customers and the world my Pulseroll DVD!Helen's Pulseroll DVD

Throughout this 90 minute DVD I will take you through a whole body workout using Pulseroll and Pulseball from top to toe.

The Pulseroll can be used in the gym, at home or at a rehabilitation clinic. It’s used by fitness enthusiasts, gym goers and professional athletes to help speed up injury rehabilitation, or by the general public who wish to maintain a healthy mobile body.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of Pulseroll and how to purchase one? More information can be found on my website – Pulseroll – the vibrating roller.


£20.00 + £3.00 (postage) + 50p booking fee.

£20.00 (collection) + 50p booking fee.